About us

We are a research group led by Professor Heather Flowe and Dr Melissa Colloff, based at the University of Birmingham.

Our main interest is applied memory, in particular understanding when and how our memories are accurate and reliable. Using psychological theory, our lab conducts research to answer questions relevant to the legal system. In our research, we aim to understand the underlying memory mechanisms, in order to provide a knowledge-base to develop successful evidence-based recommendations for policy and practice. We investigate and advise on methods to improve the accuracy of rape complainant statements and testimony, collaborate with rape survivors to document and preserve memory evidence; and develop novel lineup procedures to increase the accuracy and reliability of eyewitness identification.

Ongoing and recent projects have investigated new techniques for improving lineup identification accuracy, the effects of alcohol on memory for traumatic events such as rape, and developing tools and approaches for collecting memory evidence in low resource environments, such as in Low and Middle Income Countries.

Sexual Violence and Memory

Areas of research

Effects of Alcohol on Memory

Lineup Identification and Memory Retrieval

Recall and
Meta-memory Processes

Our current projects

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