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Forensic Seminar Series

Melissa Colloff is responsible for organising the University of Birmingham,
School of Psychology Forensic / Forensic-Clinical seminar series.
We provide a friendly atmosphere for attendance by students at all levels,
academic colleagues, and external stakeholders. 

Talks are mainly held via Zoom, but sometimes will be held as hybrid meetings on the university campus. Details of how to register for each event will be detailed below.

Details and recordings of previous speakers' talks will also be uploaded
here with the speaker’s permission, but please do try to join us "live" if possible.



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Upcoming Talks

anakwah pic.jpg

Dr Nkansah Anakwah, Birmingham City University

"Cultural influences on eyewitness memory reports"
Information obtained from witnesses is an important piece of evidence in criminal prosecutions. In an era of increased migration and globalisation, legal and investigative professionals would inevitably obtain eyewitness memory reports in cross-cultural contexts. The individuals interviewed by legal and investigative professionals have been socialised in their respective cultures, hence, may bring culturally determined reporting norms into the investigative context. Eliciting eyewitness accounts in cross-cultural contexts can be challenging if insight into culturally determined reporting norms is limited. In this talk, I would present findings from research on cultural differences in eyewitness reports and discuss implications for obtaining information in cross-cultural investigative contexts.

Friday 7th June 2024, 13:15pm - 14:00pm BST
Please register your attendance and access the talk

Past Talks

Past Talks

2023 - 2024

The European Registry of Exonerations (EUREX)

Access the recording here.

Identification performance across the life span: Lineups and the reaction time-based Concealed Information Test.

Prevent It - Anonymous Online Therapy on the Darknet for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Understanding alcohol-involved sexual aggression through the science of behaviour change.

Access the recording here.

Beyond 'ill' or not and 'criminal' or not - Understanding dimensional frameworks in forensic clinical practice.

Access the recording here.

Some attempts to be less wrong about human deception.

Access the recording here.

Understanding the nature, extent and consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences among a large UAE community sample.

Access the recording here.

  • Dr Celine van Golde, University of Sydney

What do people remember when crimes happen repeatedly? An investigation in factors impacting memory for repeated events.
Access the recording here.

2022 - 2023

2021 - 2022

  • Dr Georgia Roughton, University of Derby & SERCO Prison Service

Replicating similar but non-identical distinctive facial features in police lineups improves eyewitness accuracy

  • Dr Matt Tonkin, University of Leicester

Developing methods to enhance the detection of serial burglars.
Access the recording here.


  • Dr Rowland Seymour, University of Birmingham and Dr Ben Brewster, University of Nottingham

An open secret behind closed doors: A novel application of Crime Scripting towards the development of a method to estimate the prevalence of trafficking to produce Child Sexual Exploitation Material in the Philippines.


  • Professor Rebecca Milne, University of Portsmouth

Effective communication to successful decision-making: Developing a therapeutic jurisprudence approach.
Access the recording here.

  • Dr Lauren Wilson

Finding the PEACE: Maintaining quality and accuracy of evidence across language barriers.
Access the recording here.


Supporting autistic adults’ memory recall during interviews in the Criminal Justice System, employment, and healthcare
Access the recording here.


  • Dr Ian Burke

The Polyvagal Theory in Clinical Practice.

  • Dana Roemling, University of Birmingham

The meaning of “child” in Ankrom v. Alabama (2013) – a case for Statutory Interpretation in US criminal law.
Access the recording here.


  • Dr Fazeelat Duran, University of Birmingham

"Back-office" Staff Working with Traumatic Material in Criminal Justice Settings.

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