Talking about Memory and Cognition meeting was held via Zoom on 11th June

3-5.30 pm BST


Download Speakers and Abstracts Here

To listen back to the fruitful discussions from TARMAC see below or visit our Youtube playlist. Each speaker's talk has been recorded for those unable to attend in real-time.

To access presentation slides please follow the links below:


The effects of post-traumatic alcohol intoxication upon episodic memory accuracy and completeness, Benjamin Butterworth

Remembering Molly: immediate and delayed false memory formation after acute MDMA exposure, Lilian Kloft

Do your eyes protect your memory? The susceptibility to spontaneous false memories after performing eye movements as used in EMDR, Sanne Houben

Using Confidence Judgements Provided During Versus After Memory Retrieval to Predict Eyewitness Memory Accuracy, Emily Spearing

Stark Individual Differences: Face Recognition Ability Influences the Relationship Between Confidence and Accuracy in a Recognition Test of Game of Thrones Actors, Jesse Howard Grabman and Chad Dodson

Predicting identification accuracy from responses to multiple lineups, Ruth Horry

Lie-detection by Strategy Manipulation: Developing an Asymmetric Information Management (AIM) Technique, Cody Porter

A novel interactive face matching procedure: Performance of normal and superior face recognisers, Harriet M. J. Smith

The Effect of Pre-Crime Instructions on Eyewitness Identification, Mario J. Baldassari

Do image variability and names in missing person appeals improve prospective person memory? Stefanu Juncu